10 Ways to Improve Corona & Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Results

Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic

John Olenick
ENrG Incorporated

High volume flexible electronics markets require better mechanical, thermal and reliability performance at elevated temperatures to withstand extreme conditions either during manufacturing, or while in operations. In 2015, ENrG Incorporated initiated a roll-to-roll (R2R) flexible ceramic development for its Thin E-Strate® product to address a variety of electronic market applications. The path to R2R first required production scaling the ceramic to half its thickness reaching 20 microns, and the development of both sheet and R2R laser cut processing of multiup imaged circuits. For the target product market opportunities of solid-state batteries, LED packaging, SOFCs, and OLEDs, a R2R ceramic would be revolutionary by offering high temperature capable benefits for continuous coating processing and for flexibility in final products. This presentation describes the results to reduce the thickness of Thin E-Strate® to 20µm, demonstrate laser cutting smaller substrates from larger ceramic sheets and from ceramic ribbons of varying widths from 11-35mm, and illustrate product demonstrations including ITN Energy Systems solid-state batteries, University of Houston packaged LEDs, and Holst Center OLEDs.