10 Ways to Improve Corona & Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Results

Reduction of Ink Misting Through Electrostatic Forces

Lukas Hahne
Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH

"During printing and coating processes ink mist or particle mist arise in the outlet of doubleroll systems. This unwanted particle deposit results in lower product quality, high maintenance costs, increased ink consumption and the contamination of the environment. The formation of ink mist is very noticeable and annoying, particularly during coating and printing processes on substrates with non-absorbent surfaces (films, metalized substrates or composite films). A patented double-row DC plasma electrode is used to prevent this ink mist. This plasma electrode acts separately on both particle streams and ensures an optimal particle deposit. The Electrostatic MISTING TACKER system is currently used for printing on metalized films and in silicone coating units. It is a new development that currently runs on Beta sites only with coating machine manufacturers. The presentation will include a description of the technology as well as the results that have been achieved."