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Multi-layer Slot Die Coating Technology: An Opportunity to Increase Productivity While Lowering Operational Costs

Jorg Weidauer
Nordson Corporation - Polymer Processing Systems

"Pre-metered slot die technology offers a range of flexibility unequaled by any other coating technology available in the market. This flexibility is achieved by using a slot die in different scenarios ranging from a simple single-layer application to sophisticated and demanding multi-layer applications for high-end products. A multi-layer slot die may be designed for two or three individual layers. Each layer is specifically designed for the performance needs of each fluid’s rheology. Multi-layer dies offer converters several different options for their coating process. An individual die could be used as a single layer die or in combinations as a dual or triple layer coating die. It could also be used for coating a full base layer and a stripe coat on the second and third layer or for stripe coating three different fluids side-by-side, etc. These combinations offer the user an opportunity to produce multiple products with one system, with each conveniently coated in one pass through the coating machine. Multi-layer coating may be used to support several different application types. In one instance, a converter may apply the same fluid to a substrate in multiple layers (one on top of another, etc.) to ensure complete confidence in coating coverage in cases where small voids could occur in a single layer coating process. In another instance, a converter may select to use a low-cost fluid as the base layer under a higher priced fluid to reduce costs and improve the condition of the coating surface. Finally, a converter may select to coat different fluids in a side-by-side pattern, allowing the coating properties to be varied across the width of the end product. Multi-layer slot dies provide converters with a multitude of opportunities for increasing their production and profitability. This presentation will examine these opportunities, including the examples mentioned above, with the goal to further educate the audience on how this technology can help optimize their coating process. "