10 Ways to Improve Corona & Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Results

Roll-to-Roll Deposition of Inorganic Layers on ETFE - Film for Electrochromic Applications

Matthias Fahland
Fraunhofer FEP

The paper will feature the activities in the government funded project FlexG. This project is targeting the application of electrochromic cells on films of ethylen-tetrafluorethylen(ETFE) for architectural applications. The structure of the cell includes both vacuum coated and wet coated single layers. The paper will provide particular information about the components deposited under vacuum. Permeation barrier layers, transparent electrodes and ion storage layers need to be sputtered in roll-to roll vacuum coating equipment. Apart from meeting the required layer properties the technology has to deal with challenges concerning layer-polymer adhesion and wrinkling formation during the sputtering process. The paper will report the status and the presently achieved results.