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Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions: Borgers AG / Polytype Converting GmbH / OLBRICH GmbH, Germany / R+S Automotive GmbH

Business Description:
 : OLBRICH GmbH with its subsidiaries Polytype Converting GmbH and R+S Automotive GmbH form today´s OLBRICH Group with close to 900 employees in their global network of facilities.

OLBRICH is a leading production machinery and equipment manufacturer of your web-fed products, such as papers, films and foils as well as wall coverings, floor coverings and technical textiles. Our technologies include Coating, Drying, Laminating, Embossing, Calendering, Printing, Lacquering, Winding and Drives & Controls.

This year, our focus is on digital printing technology: our unique inkjet printing technology in cooperation with Ricoh is particularly suitable for decorative products such as wallcoverings, decorative films, floor coverings and similar PVC-based products. No special ink receiving layers, pre-coatings or other pre-treatments of the printing substrate are necessary. The ink is absorbed by the wet plastisol and embedded in it. An integration into an existing production line is possible as well as an off-line solution.

OLBRICH – create intelligent solutions. 
Products: From pilot plant scale widths up to 16ft wide in-line production lines, OLBRICH offers complete coating and laminating lines as well as single unit equipment; coaters from 60+ coating head configurations, employing technologies like multi-roll, smooth and gravure roll, pressurized gravure systems PGS®, coating chamber systems, comma and mayer bars, die and curtain; drying systems, including our proprietary CTS / TP ™ and “Clean-In-Place” technologies; embossing and smoothing calenders; film and melt roller calenders (MRC); printing machines; winding and packaging lines; drives & controls and complete scada systems.

Capabilities: Especially for the development of new machine concepts and innovative processes or product ideas, it is important for planned investments to gain vital data under real production conditions. Using our own Technical Center we are in a position to combine established technologies to develop new machine concepts or processes resulting in the development of innovative new products creating a competitive advantage for our customers.
Our technical center consists of:
“BA1” - Multifunctional coating and printing line with a web width up to 500 mm
“PLA1” - Production-related laminating and embossing line with a web width up to 1,000 mm
“BA2” - Precision coating line with a web width up to 1,050 mm

Furthermore, Polytype Converting Technical Center in Fribourg, Switzerland features the coating line "TECHMA 1", which is characterized by the thermal dryer and the coating line "TECHMA 2", which is used for the processing of radiation-curing liquids.

Key Sales Contact 1:
Wolfgang Ripper
OLBRICH/Matik Representative North America
33 Brook Street
West Hartford, CT
Phone: +1 860 232 2323 x120
Mobile: +1 860 539 5985
Fax: +1 860 233 0162
Email: olbrich@matik.com

Key Sales Contact 2:
Josef Doeing
Director Sales
Phone: +49 2871 283 - 748
Mobile: +49 (0) 163 6283 - 748
Email: jdoeing@olbrich.com

Key Sales Contact 3:
Jens Krebber
Director International Business Development
Phone: +49 2871 283 - 772
Mobile: +49 (0) 163 6283 - 772
Email: jkrebber@olbrich.com
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