Camvac Limited

Camvac Limited


Camvac Limited

Burrell Way
Thetford, NORFOLK IP24 3QY | View on Google Maps
+44 1842 755021 | fax: +44 1842 762424

Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions:
GIL Investments Ltd.

Business Description: Camvac Ltd has a long and successful history of supplying metallised films and laminates for a wide range of food, technical and industrial packaging applications and has established a reputation as the leading supplier of barrier vacuum coated films and laminates in Europe.

Products: Metallised films and laminates: Camplus®, Cambrite®, Camcrisp®, Camlite®, Camshield-T®, Camstripe®, Camstar®, Camplex® and Camtherm®. Transparent barrier films and laminates: Camclear® and Camfresh®

Capabilities: Aluminium Metallising and transparent barrier metallising at 65" and 87". Coating and Lamination at 87". Pilot Metallising at 20"

Key Sales Contact:
James Shipman
Member Since: 2006

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