Johnson Laminating & Coating, Inc.

Johnson Laminating & Coating, Inc.


Johnson Laminating & Coating, Inc.

20631 Annalee Ave.
Carson, California 90746 | View on Google Maps
(310) 635-4929 | fax: (310) 603-1266


Business Description: Johnson's sole business focus is the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated flexible laminations and coatings technologies for the industrial, transportation, aerospace, electronics, medical, graphic arts and window film markets.

Products: Products include hard coating of films for abrasion and chemical resistance; pressure sensitive adhesive coatings; anti-static, anti-fog and optically clear coatings; thermosets, thermoplastics, UV protective coating; silicone release liners; toll coating and laminating; slitting and rewinding.

Capabilities: Capabilities include: solvent blends; water-based; UV curable coatings and adhesives. Web widths to 65". Direct or reverse gravure, Mayer rod or slot die. Shear, score and razor slitting. HEPA filtered, positive air pressure, controlled manufacturing environment.

Key Sales Contact:
Scott Davidson
Phone: 310-635-4929
Fax: 310-603-1266

Member Since: 1998

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