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Parent Company: Centre Lane Partners

Business Description: LLFlex, LLC is a leader in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for the building & construction, wire & cable, and tobacco packaging & other printable substrate markets. The company has operations in Kentucky and North Carolina. LLFlex markets its product portfolio through its network of global agents and partners.

For the building & construction sectors, LLFlex provides a full line of laminated insulation and radiant barrier facers designed to meet the industry's requirements for gas & moisture barrier, product adhesion, reflectivity, durability, and longevity. For the wire & cable industry, the company’s Reyshield™ Cable Wrap yields a line of mono and co-ex layered film formulations using proven, high quality resins throughout the structure for consistent, reliable long-term performance. For tobacco packaging, LLFlex is North America's largest supplier of cigarette inner bundling material, as well as custom-printed laminations for cigar, pipe and smokeless tobacco. 

Reyshield™ Cable Wrap
ReyFlex™ Tri-Laminate and Tough-Laminate Insulation Facer
ReyFlex™ Bi-Laminate Insulation Facer
ReyFlex™ Bi-Laminate Radiant Barrier Laminations

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to complete projects efficiently and accurately based on your requirements, whether it’s for coated aluminum foil, laminated films, or a custom project.

We offer a variety of slitting services for a wide range of materials designed to meet your requirements and deliver a high-quality finished product. Need additional customized finishing? We can help. Our team can tailor our processes to suite your needs.

LLFlex also offers the most precise slitting techniques for flawless applications. Available for a variety of materials including: aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel, film and paper/board.
Our foil laminate can deliver a unique, protective coating to an array of substrates in order to shield against everything from moisture and heat to corrosive chemicals and ultraviolet light.

Enhanced Printing Effects
Our team of print experts can add unique finishing touches to your foil with stunning special effects and processes.

When your job is finished and ready to ship, we ensure that all the “end-of-line” technologies are in place to get your products to market quickly and safely.

End-to-end traceability is key to quality control, process management and manufacturing accountability. We maintain integrity throughout our plants with the latest technologies and systems.

Foreign Trade Zone
LLFlex is proud to have all of our manufacturing facilities Foreign Trade Zone-certified in order to provide high-quality and cost-effective US-manufactured products to the world market.

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Cheryl Craig
1225 West Burnett Avenue
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Email: ccraig@llflex.com
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