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Sheldahl Flexible Technologies

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Email: / enid.kivuti@sheldahl

Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions: Multek; a wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics International Corporation, manufactures, sells and supports Sheldahl™ branded products.

Business Description: Multek (Sheldahl™ materials) is a leading producer of flexible substrates and laminates to support the printed circuit, photovoltaic, touch sensor, display, aerospace and defense industries serving a wide variety of high tech customer requirements.

We are global specialists in a variety of key technologies, including thin film deposition on flexible materials, adhesives formulation and coating, lamination, finishing, patterning and circuitization--all of which use high volume, high quality roll-to-roll equipment and technology.

Our unique combination of products and capabilities plus superior technical and customer support provides a unique “One Source” fully integrated solutions package that provides world-class value for our growing customer base.

Multek (Sheldahl™ materials) manufactures specialty coated films and laminates to support 5 primary market segments.
Aerospace and Defense – Thermal control materials for satellite and launch vehicles.
Technical Tapes and Adhesives - Unidirectional specialty tapes for the abrasives industry and customized industrial applications.
Electronic Materials – Copper clad flexible circuit materials, flat cable tapes and laminated bus bar materials. Precious metal coated materials for medical and shielding applications.
Optical Materials – ITO coated films to support the electroluminescence, touch sensor, LCD display applications.
Printed Electronics – Roll to roll patterning and printing of a variety of conductive and non-conductive materials on thin flexible films to support photovoltaic, sensor, RFID, and active circuit applications.

Coating and Laminating – Thin film coating and laminating – (1.5-350 micron substrates) Small batch and medium to high volume roll to roll coatings.
Deposition – Sputtering and thermal evaporation – pilot scale to volume roll to roll.
Adhesives– Over 750 proprietary thermosetting and thermoplastic formulations available.
Wide Coating and Substrate Materials Offering - Aluminum, gold, silver, copper, ITO, silicon oxide, germanium coatings and many more on polyimide, polyester, PEN and FEP films.
Finishing Operations – Slitting, perforating and embossing services available.
Patterning – fine feature patterning and screen printing – all roll to roll.
Quality Systems – ISO 9001, TS – 16949, ISO 14001.
Tech Support – Full lab capability.
Customized product development and toll coating services.

Key Sales Contact:
Bruce Olson
North American Business Development Mgr.
Phone: 507-663-8516
Fax: 507-664-8516

Key Sales Contact 2:
Jim Prince
Product Manager-Aerospace & Thin Film Comm. Prod.
Phone: 507-663-8050

Key Sales Contact 3:
Theresa Pederson
Customer Service
Phone: 507-663-8564

Key Sales Contact 4:
Robert Karner
Director of Sales
Phone: 507-663-8317
Fax: 507-664-8317

Key Sales Contact 5:
Terry Wiley
Director Marketing
Phone: 507-663-8475

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