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Catbridge Machinery

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Business Description: 
The Leaders in Converting: 
Building on years of experience, Catbridge Machinery designs and manufactures versatile slitter rewinders that increase throughput, improve finished roll quality and reduce waste. Catbridge has demonstrated expertise designing converting machinery for a wide range of industries, including film, flexible packaging, pressure sensitive, nonwoven and paper.

Exclusive Technologies: 
Unique Catbridge technologies and special features enhance performance and reduce waste to shorten, and even eliminate, downtime in key areas of operations. These include advanced tension control systems, auto knife and core placement systems, turret cut off and transfer systems and roll unloading systems. Catbridge’s patented technologies, reliability and ergonomics, result in lower costs and increased profits.

Performance Meets Value: 
Catbridge has a complete line of high performance standard equipment designed to accommodate any level of converting. Catbridge duplex center winders, center surface winders, surface winders and turrets offer quality and performance that guarantee success. From unwind to rewind, all models integrate innovative technologies that deliver results.

The Catbridge Difference: 
Catbridge Machinery’s design and manufacturing facility integrates engineering and construction seamlessly under one roof allowing for shorter lead times. From start-ups and training to spare parts and remote servicing, Catbridge stays with you for the life of your machine.

Key Sales Contact:
Tanya Pier
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (973) 808-0029
Fax: (973) 808-0076
Member Since: 2006

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